• Stylized graphics show a futuristic room from first-person view, with the face of a dog speaking to the viewer from a glass holographic display tube in the center of the room.
  • Modern fluorescent camp lantern made in the style of a traditional oil lantern. The lantern sheds its pale light on a rustic wood tabletop, of which only a little is visible.
  • Multiple operator workstations are depicted in perspective within an open room with several rows of flat-panel displays mounted on the far wall.
  • 3D concept rendering of the lobby for a proposed network operations center for Dubai. From right foreground to distant center is a wall made from decorative panels with a doorway to the main facility. To the left, sunlight streams through a glass wall approximately along the line of sight. Round support columns along the near side of the glass wall are decorated in the style of traditional Islamic geometric art.
  • Low aerial view of a coniferous forest area rendered with medium realism
  • Perspective view from outside and a few meters above a medium-sized single family residence. The roof and ceiling are removed to show internal layout, and this is a simplified concept render rather than photorealistic.
  • Realistic head-only render of an attractive dark-haired woman with a prominent birthmark over her right eye

Innovation Coupled With Experience

Sine Nomine Associates’ 3D Interactive Services team delivers creativity at its finest! This company was founded for the very purpose of being a think tank. Our team has over 20 years’ experience in crafting custom-made solutions. If you can conceive it, we’ll spring into action to find the best possible way to bring those concepts to life.

Our Proven Design Process

The 3D Interactive Services offering combines SNA's broad and deep engineering and systems design experience with tools and techniques used in cinematic productions and 3D video games to create innovative and powerfully engaging solutions. Our process starts with understanding your needs, investigating options, and presenting an array of solution options. Next, we will perform concept modeling to transform your requests into tangible, 3D results.

With a broader scope of experience than graphics alone, the SNA team works alongside our clients to understand their current situation, determine the gaps between that and the desired capabilities, envision new logical and physical designs to achieve the goals, and iterate these conceptual designs collaboratively until our clients are ready to move forward with implementation.

Exceptional Creativity Paired With Meticulous Engineering

From applications to custom 3D tools, if you conceive it, we’ll help you achieve it! If your ideas are architectural in nature, we begin from a bare landscape and help you envision your buildings, based on satellite topographical data for your site. If you seek 3D character models, we create an accurate character representation that is both fully rigged for animation and ready for inclusion in your media projects. Do you want programming or custom tools for your own team's use? Our developers design and implement simulation logic, rich interactivity, distributed networking, and integration with your organization's valuable data and tools.

Challenge us! Bring us your pictures or sketches, describe your dream, or email an idea, and we’ll bring you the best possible solutions. Please explore our 3D Project Portfolio to learn more about our capabilities in detail.