screenshot of Unreal Engine editing a scene with a round-roofed commercial structure in a woodland setting

Our unique toolbox combines up-to-date 3D application tools with proven IT engineering tools and practices. In concert, they allow us to give you a wide variety of visualization options, each of superior quality, in minimal time. That will put you ahead of your pack... whatever your pack may be.

Sine Nomine creates procedural and parametric assets and scenes, plus draws on nondestructive workflow. As a result, we can update our idea's draft versions in rapid iterations, thereby progressing from your initial idea to our proof-of-concept quickly. When your review prompts swift updates, we adapt our proof-of-concept into a final design and application to your satisfaction... rapidly.

Both our interdisciplinary skills and our extra-ordinarily comprehensive toolbox juxtapose 3D application tools with the best of general programming tools and practices.

Among the 3D application tools, we utilize and combine three specific types of 3D tools: interactive 3D  and cinematic video, concept design and ideation, and 3D asset creation. 

  • For Interactive 3D and Cinematic Video:
    • Unreal Engine renders, animates, and visualizes astoundingly accurate virtual worlds for complex architectural design, geographic information systems (GIS), advanced simulation, virtual production, and similar applications.
    • Unity 3D shines in cross-platform applications, particularly those targeting resource-constrained mobile hardware.
  • For Concept Design and Ideation:
    • Twinmotion is a streamlined deployment of Unreal Engine, optimized for rapid concept development and idea iteration with exceptional visual fidelity.
  • For 3D Asset Creation:
    • Blender is an extensible, open, and innovative multitool for 3D and 2D modeling, procedural or parametric design, photorealistic still and video rendering, animation, and compositing scenes and video projects.
    • Reallusion is our source for creating and animating realistic human characters and avatars for 3D applications. We use Character Creator to craft the character's appearance, clothing, and accessories, then give them motion, facial expressions, and lip-synced dialog in iClone.
    • Autodesk’s enterprise-grade design and modeling tools are a mainstay in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries.

But Sine Nomine doesn't stop there: we out-perform our 3D competitors when adding industry-leading enterprise-ready IT engineering practices and tools to the mix.  A subset of these include:

  • Source code management (SCM) including Git and PlasticSCM
  • Databases including MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB
  • Programming languages including C#, C++, and Python