We provide 24x7 support services for IT infrastructure; our portfolio includes an extensive range of platforms and applications, such as IBM, HP, Dell, Bacula, Linux distribution on multiple platforms, z/VM, Mono, Nagios and OpenAFS.


Our R&D experts contribute thought leadership to several industry standards committees such as the IEEE, and communities like the OpenAFS. We provide a wide range of services that help our customers bring their dreams from concepts to engineered reality solutions.

The systems of today need to be ready to meet the systems of tomorrow and we specialize in helping our customers understand the impact of the next generation of technology.


Our team has decades of experience across a broad background of both horizontal and vertical knowledge, while working for technology companies such as IBM, Grumman, and Bell Labs prior to our current tenure. We have worked in the trenches of aerospace, financial analysis, manufacturing, technology, and independent consulting, and have provided services to many industries.

Our experts work on global projects for government and industry leading corporations providing services from green field to go live and service afterwards.