Having closely collaborated with IBM, Red Hat, Microsoft, plus both the .NET and Mono open-source communities, Sine Nomine Associates successfully ported .NET to IBM z and LinuxOne. To date, our team remains the principal maintainer and exclusive global support provider for .NET on the IBM z platform. 

Sine Nomine Associates' enterprise-class support offerings cover installation and configuration of popular z/VM program products from IBM (e.g., DB/2-VM, DIRMAINT, MQSeries clients, RACF) or from third party z/VM software vendors such as Velocity Software, Software Product Research, Computer Associates/Broadcom, and StorageTek. 

.NET is free open-source developer platform and under the .NET Foundation

Sine Nomine Associates delivers a comprehensive package of .NET services, which includes but is not limited to:

  • .NET Consulting: support for application optimization and analysis on all platforms; consulting on deployment for enterprise applications using the .NET platform
  • .NET Maintenance: porting of the .NET interpreter, JIT and AOT compilers to new platforms.
  • .NET Support: support of the .NET development environment and compilers on all platforms.