Sine Nomine Associates delivers a wide variety of custom-tailored offerings for open source solutions for those customers who wish to add or improve features.  Our disciplined, proven approach yields excellent results.  We have the expert team with the flexibility and ingenuity to get and keep you running your open source software of choice, custom-tailored to your specifications and needs. 

You can trust our engineering and development services!

Custom Open Source Work


Sine Nomine Associates offers a comprehensive package of custom open source services, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Custom Open Source Consulting: help you select and apply open source software solutions to your business safely and effectively; assist in evaluating open source solutions for viability and flexibility; aid in risk assessment of using open source software in commercial settings.
  • Custom Open Source Development and Maintenance: design and implement desired new functions or modify existing solutions to meet specific needs; document and submit upstream; maintain abandoned projects for longer-term viability.
  • Custom Open Source Support: defect assessment; usage and feature assistance to better/more effectively use the tool; analysis of what a tool can and cannot do; enhancement proposals acceptable to you and to upstream, shepherding adoption.
  • Custom Open Source Training: usage and application of tool; customized training for use of open source packages in your environment.
  • Custom Open Source Downloads