AlmaLinux for IBM z provides a Linux distribution for IBM z intended to fill the need for a royalty and license free operating system for appliance and utility system construction by anyone wishing to deploy applications on z hardware.  AlmaLinux:

  • Provides a complete Linux distribution that tracks the popular CentOS distribution on Intel systems
  • Can be used by end-users and ISVs royalty and license free
  • Permits commercial software certified for RHEL to run at lower cost
  • Features automatic availability of patches and updates without subscriptions

AlmaLinux is already in use by several large ISVs to deliver application appliances and services in convenient, easy to install packages.

Sine Nomine Associates is pleased to provide a comprehensive package of AlmaLinux Services, which entails but is not limited to:

  • AlmaLinux Consulting: installation assistance (included); integration consulting
  • AlmaLinux Development: new application repositories are being added weekly, bringing the stability of an enterprise OS and the availability of up-to-the-minute applications.
  • AlmaLinux Support: defect resolution for bugs and compatibility assurance for their fixes; upgrade maintenance
  • AlmaLinux Training
  • AlmaLinux Distribution: For more information and downloads, please visit the AlmaLinux Website.

AlmaLinux is a free Open-Source Software. Sine Nomine Associates provides paid support. AlmaLinux support pricing is based on several variables including the number of production IFL's: tiny installations get extra discounts, the number of sites, distance between sites, immediacy of disaster recovery IFL's, and the desired contract length.