This project started from some frustration that much of the enormous collection of user-written software for z/VM systems is ignored by some users because it "cannot be supported" - it cannot be managed as other software packages, and does not use the standard system tools to install. With the loss of CMS-skilled people, making the tools more easily installed and managed is an important goal in keeping CMS viable.

These packages are a repackaging of common VM tools so that they appear in the VM system software inventory and can be installed with the VMFINS infrastructure provided with VM itself. This provides a way of specifying any userids or disk resources needed to support the tools, and a way to automatically move the tools to a common place that does not interfere with any IBM defaults or customs. Where necessary, I have added help files and/or documentation to make the tools more easily used. All packages except ZZY00000 (the SFS filepool itself) can be installed on SFS or minidisks. If a package requires another IBM licensed program or user-created tool from this collection, we have added the necessary requirements - no need to use something that requires another tool you don't actually have. Special thanks go to Phil Smith (for writing MAILABLE) and Bob Bolch (for extensive testing on really old versions of VM -- this stuff works on VM/ESA!).

At the moment, these packages are created by hand. A future expansion of the project will include creating a tool to create packages, encapsulating as much of the arcana required by VM SES/E as we can. I suggest you get the PDF files and read through them first to make sure you understand what is involved.

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