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Submitted by Katherine Courtney on Thu, 12/26/2013 - 12:50

In the tradition of releasing something nifty to the community as a holiday gift (the subject line is the historical reference to the annual posting of such gifts to the venerable VMSHARE conference from long, long ago), SNA is pleased to provide two gifts to the community for 2013.

Gift #1: SWAPGEN version 1310

This version of SWAPGEN provides a few new features that people have asked for.

  1. SWAPGEN no longer depends on RXDASD MODULE for I/O to FBA disks. The functions of RXDASD MODULE have been replaced with CMS Pipes code. (Credit to Dave Jones)
  2. SWAPGEN is now fully converted to the use of CMS message repositories for all text I/O. No code changes will be needed to allow local customization of error messages and/or text I/O.
  3. SWAPGEN is now fully internationalized. All supported languages for z/VM 5.4 and higher have been included (for z/VM 5.4, German, American English, Kanji, and uppercase English, for z/VM 6.1 and higher, American English, Kanji and uppercase English). Special thanks to Margarete Ziemer at SNA for contributing the German translation. The Kanji messages probably have some mistakes; if any of you who speak Japanese and run your systems in Kanji would look at that and contribute corrections, we’d appreciate it a lot. For those of you with systems older than 5.4 that still use other languages in the default VMFNLS LANGLIST file (French, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.), the files are there to support the languages, but contain the uppercase English version of the messages. Contributions are welcome if you’d like your native language to be supported.  (Note that IBM no longer ships these languages post-z/VM 5.4).
  4. SWAPGEN now has full message help file support. As a result of #2, all SWAPGEN messages now have full message IDs and severity information. HELP MSG msgid will provide detailed information on each message and suggestions on what to do if something goes wrong. To get this, you need to install the help file package shown below.
  5. There are now three packages available for SWAPGEN:

SBINvvvv.VMARC -- The minimum files required to run SWAPGEN (the exec, the

                  main help file, and the message repositories). If you just

                  want to use SWAPGEN, this is all you need.


SHLPvvvv.VMARC -- The extended help files for each SWAPGEN message. If you

                  download and install this package, you can type

                  HELP MSG SWPxxxxxxxx (the message id) and get detailed

                  explanations of each SWAPGEN message. Not mandatory, but

                  we STRONGLY recommend you install these.


SSRCvvvv.VMARC -- The full source code to SWAPGEN and all its component

                  parts. If you speak Japanese, PLEASE download this and

                  translate the message repository! The other two VMARC

                  files are contained in this package, so if you want to

                  have the whole thing in one burrito, this is it.

The new files for SWAPGEN are available from


Gift #2: New version of smaclient (v 1.1)

Smaclient is a shell script allowing any Linux or Unix system to interact with the z/VM SMAPI servers to perform system management actions on a z/VM system from a script running on the Unix/Linux system.


This version adds:

1. Corrections to a number of responses and queries fixed by VM65290, specifically:




2. The script is now packaged as a noarch RPM, so that it will show up in the rpm software inventory with correct versioning.

The code is available from


Happy holidays to all of you.

David Boyes

Sine Nomine Associates