The Conversational Monitor System (CMS), although a component of the VM/ESA operating system, is itself an operating environment Users communicate with CMS through commands, and CMS uses system messages to communicate to users.

CMS can help you perform a wide variety of tasks. For example, you can:

  • Do office work with the help of licensed programs designed to run on CMS, such as OfficeVision/VM and the Document Composition Facility (DCF) with BookMaster*
  • Do numerically-intensive computing with the help of supported language libraries and compilers, such as VS FORTRAN
  • Create and edit files
  • Write, test, and debug application programs for use under either CMS or guest systems
  • Process application programs developed under either CMS or guest systems
  • Share data between CMS and guest systems
  • Communicate with other users

CMS contains many application programming facilities, including:

  • Extended architecture support
  • CMS application programming interface
  • OS/MVS simulation
  • DOS/VSE support
  • Callable services library (CSL)
  • Support for programming languages and application environments.

---from "VM/ESA Introduction and Feature Summary"