With the urgent need to move from an onsite to a remote workforce, businesses need to swiftly adapt procedures for a digital environment. This fundamental shift may reveal vulnerabilities in your existing business processes. To avoid redundancy, inefficiency or potential security issues that could impede your operation, it’s essential to understand how your optimum business operation compares after the conversion to a remote, distributed workflow.

Sine Nomine Associates offers a fresh view of your unique business operation and delivers recommendations from our experts for improvement.   

As part of our service, we will:
    • Interview your staff – No one knows your business like the staff who perform the work. Our investigation can unlock your full business potential.
    • Analyze your business’ requirements – Ensuring your basic operational needs are met will ensure less interruption to your operation.
    • Survey your existing processes and workflows – Nothing slows down progress more than an inefficient system. We’ll examine how the work is done to streamline production
    • Review any artifacts 
    • Capture your baseline metrics – Our study can tell you what’s needed to make your business function and what’s needed to make it function at its best.
    • Analyze research findings – We’ll take the data we gather and to learn what’s working and what isn’t.
    • Compose a report with actionable recommendations – We’ll present a detailed report on how you’re operating, what can be improved, and where you excel, making practical recommendations to enhance your productivity.
    • Follow up with implementation support, if desired – Unsure where to start after you receive your report? We can assist you in beginning your conversion, advising you every step of the way.

Most consultants underestimate the importance for small businesses to optimize their work-from-home operation. Every customer of our evaluation services has clearly profited from our expertise, ranging from improving vast enterprise command centers to optimizing very small businesses. It’s a matter of survival and outstanding success. Instead of merely surviving, we want you to thrive!

We are here to help you!