For years, Sine Nomine Associates has worked in the capacity of CTO or fractional (part-time) CTO for many of our customers without using this title. Over hiring a single individual, you are hiring an entire team that works in concert to insure executive leadership is balanced with technical expertise.  Our focus on the systems after next while maintaining the tools with applications needed for your business to succeed, puts us into a great position to guide your technical direction while helping to limit expenses. Our understanding of traditional services along with our focus on open source solutions, combined with our continued contributions to the open source communities as a whole, place an emphasis on how we accomplish these goals: 

  • If you are just starting out, we make you production ready with proven roadmaps to success. 
  • If your firm is experiencing problems with your current technologies, our specialized technologists are here to help.
  • If your firm needs technical guidance, has stability problems and/or needs help controlling IT related expenses, we’re ready to help.  

Please contact us for a free consultation to see how we are the right fit for your business.