Sine Nomine Associates offers professional training for OpenAFS. Existing training options include:

Introduction to OpenAFS

Sine Nomine Associates trains organizations new to OpenAFS on how it works, and how to make effective use of OpenAFS infrastructure. This course also aids organizations in training their front-line support technicians by identifying and evaluating OpenAFS trouble reports.

Advanced OpenAFS Training

Sine Nomine Associates provides training for administrators responsible for operating and maintaining OpenAFS environments of any size and scope. Companies use this course to train members of their OpenAFS and server operations teams. 

OpenAFS Developer Training

This course provides education for developers interested in working with  OpenAFS source code. The course familiarizes the developer new to OpenAFS with overall structures in the code, and with basic principles inherent to OpenAFS and OpenAFS development.

Customized Training

Upon request, Sine Nomine Associates will customize the Advanced OpenAFS Training and/or the OpenAFS Developer Training for the very environment of the customer interested in the customized training