Commercial OpenAFS Support

Sine Nomine Associates provides enterprise-quality support for OpenAFS. In doing so, we allow customers of all sizes and kinds to enjoy the financial benefits of zero-license fee OpenAFS software, while retaining confidence in operations with our "no excuses" systems support.  Support options can span enterprise-level 27x7x365, or it can be comprised of limited support hours (generally, 9am to 5pm, excluding US Government holidays). 

As part of the support service provided, Sine Nomine Associates will reproduce a version of the customer’s production OpenAFS platform at the Sine Nomine Associates site, for use in evaluating and fixing reported issues.

Sine Nomine Associates builds and maintains server-specific OpenAFS binaries for customers as part of our standard support solution, insuring the software is compiled expressly for the target servers.  Alternatively, we can duplicate and support a customer's custom binaries.  The choice is yours!

Support costs vary and depend on all of these aspects, on the number of platforms, plus on the number of sites running OpenAFS. 

Sine Nomine Associates will provide responses to technical and operations usage questions, as well as planning assistance to address defect, design and development issues for OpenAFS on customers' OpenAFS platforms. 

Academic OpenAFS Support

Academic OpenAFS Support represents a trimmed-down version of the enterprise-level support, available only to accredited academic institutions. This 9am-5pm support option for OpenAFS is available on an annual subscription basis at a reduced cost. The subscription fee is based on support for no more than two platforms. 

Academic OpenAFS Support provides up to 12 tickets of support per year, for a total of no more than 40 support hours across all tickets.  If more tickets and/or hours are needed, they can be purchased upon request.