Sine Nomine Associates offers development services for OpenAFS.

Compatibility Testing and Development

Sine Nomine Associates provides services to test compatibility between OpenAFS and other infrastructure software (for example, Linux distributions such as SLES), and will implement source code fixes to any incompatibilities that might be discovered.

Custom Features

Sine Nomine Associates has more than two decades of experience in enhancing OpenAFS to meet the growing needs of the user community. We develop features fully compatible with OpenAFS, so they can be included upstream in the mainline source tree. Some features Sine Nomine Associates has developed include:

  • Usermode OpenAFS Client
  • Dynamic Vcache Allocation
  • Demand Attached File Server
  • Limitations on Server Keepalives
  • OpenAFS over WAN Optimizations
  • File Prefetch
  • OpenAFS / XEN Integration
  • Persistent OpenAFS For Windows Caching
  • Volserver conversion from LWP to native threads
  • Out of Band transport for OpenAFS data transfer.
  • *** other features ***