Mon, 01/04/2021 - 10:58 By emziemer

As part of the ongoing efforts to import security and reliability of macOS, Apple has asked developers to transition products from Kernel Extensions to System Extensions. System Extensions allow software to extend the functionality of macOS without requiring kernel level access. In order to accommodate macOS Big Sur, as well as to position OpenAFS for future versions of macOS, Sine Nomine migrated network operations out of the OpenAFS kernel extension and has contributed the code changes to the OpenAFS open source project.

The SNA team is proud to have actively supported the OpenAFS open source project from its inception. Chief Executive Officer and key founder of The OpenAFS Foundation, Inc., Margarete Ziemer, states: “It's been a great adventure modernizing OpenAFS and keeping it strong while adapting it to tremendous technological progress.  Here's to trusting we will keep this ship sailing smoothly for another two decades.

The SNA team continues to make significant contributions to open source ecosystems, and provide organizations with enterprise-grade support of OpenAFS. Whether they are Fortune 500 customers or newly formed companies, SNA’s clients enjoy solutions that boost their capabilities and provide cost savings for their organization.

Ziemer confirms her commitment to companies entrusting SNA with their needs, stating: "We sincerely thank all our past and current customers along with all our associates. We are always ready to tackle your problems with solutions designed to exceed your requirements.  Just like the OpenAFS code itself, our enterprise-level development and support offerings for it are here to stay."

Those interested in further details concerning the pre-release OpenAFS client package for macOS Big Sur are encouraged to contact Sine Nomine Associates at

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