Mon, 07/03/2017 - 12:11 By emziemer

In their sixth episode of our “I Am A Mainframer Interview Series,” Jeffrey Frey, of the Open Mainframe Project, interviews Sine Nomine engineer Neale Ferguson. A full recording of the interview as well as a transcript is available on the Open Mainframe Project website.

According to Frey, the "I Am A Mainframer Series" is "intended to help create a mainframe-focused open source community. It’s also intended to serve as a focal point for development and use of Enterprise Linux in a mainframe computing environment."

In the interview, Ferguson discusses Sine Nomine Associates:

The Sine Nomine team is a relatively small consultancy company. We deal with all sorts of things like OpenAFS, which is one of our main open source projects. We have a number of customers running that in production. We do system Enterprise Command Center design and installation everywhere from designing and building, to putting in seats, hooking up OS/390, z/OS, and all sorts of bids to get things working in Enterprise Control Center. My particular area is devoted to the mainframe – z/VM, z/OS, lots of Linux and open source work with our distribution, and our version of CentOS which we call, ClefOS. We have a full CentOS distribution available for people. We do Mono, which is .NET under Linux, which allows you to run a whole lot of Microsoft-type applications. Just recently we’ve been getting into the Docker and OpenShift space, which has been very exciting and I see a lot of potential in the mainframe for those technologies.