Sun, 09/22/2013 - 11:31 By emziemer

At the end of a two-week assignment in Istanbul, Turkey, a Sine Nomine Associates engineering team found itself in a quandary: What to do with a scanner/printer purchased for the job, but too large and heavy to practically ship back home? The team's solution brought smiles to a local teacher and his class.

SNA engineer Clayton Hollister writes:

After arriving a week ahead of the rest of the team, the project manager realized they would not be able to use the customer printers or copy machines. Management gave the approval to get an "all in one" printer / scanner locally for the team to use during the two weeks needed.

When the team was preparing to leave, we found that it would cost four times more than the price of the printer to ship it home to the US. At that point we thought if we are going to have to leave it behind, we should attempt to find a place where it would do the most good. We requested that our hotel business center in the Conrad Hilton Istanbul find a school that could use the printer. The hotel found a local school and was kind enough to send us a picture of the teacher and students that they donated the item to.

The picture made my day. I'm proud that our small company does what it can for humanitarian causes wherever we may go.