Fri, 04/25/2008 - 10:01 By emziemer

Novell Inc. has announced the release of the SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server Starter System for System z, which is a pre-built mainframe Linux server that makes it easier for businesses to evaluate Linux on System z. The Starter System was developed by Sine Nomine Associates.

From the Novell press release (linked below):

Starter System for System z, developed for Novell by Sine Nomine Associates, includes utilities and configuration tools to easily create an installation server and simplify the entire process of installing Linux* on a System z mainframe. The starter system requires less administrator expertise while jump starting evaluations of Linux for System z. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server running on System z helps customers reduce software platform costs while allowing them to take advantage of hundreds of new, lower-cost applications available to System z users.

Follow the link below to read the Novell press release in full.