Tue, 09/14/2021 - 14:05 By kstringfield

Sine Nomine Associates Principle Engineer Michael Meffie reports that his team has created a collection for OpenAFS Ansible.

According to the Ansible Collection website (https://galaxy.ansible.com/openafs_contrib/openafs):

The OpenAFS Ansible Collection offers roles, modules, and example playbooks to deploy OpenAFS clients and/or servers with Ansible.

OpenAFS binaries may be installed from pre-built packages or installed from source code. Ansible modules are provided to create OpenAFS volumes and users, after the servers and at least one client have been installed.

Since OpenAFS requires Kerberos for authentication, roles help to deploy a Kerberos 5 realm with MIT Kerberos. Alternatively, an existing realm can be used for authentication.

Getting Started with Ansible Collections: