Mon, 12/02/2019 - 12:26 By emziemer

NJE/IP V2 allows files, interactive messages, and print jobs to be transmitted and received from open systems and Windows workstations/servers as if they came from a peer IBM system.

NJE/IP V2 allows users to interconnect NJE communication services on unmodified OS/390, VM, z/VM, z/OS, VSE, TPF and open systems (ex: Linux or Solaris) on IPv4 and IPv6 IP networks. The NJE/IP is a complete bi-directional NJE for a large range of mainframe, mid range, and desktop computing environments, and supports integration of development environments, workstation applications, and system management tasks into a stable, IP based environment transparent to end users.

NJE/IP allows file transfer, interactive messaging, and print between NJE-capable systems using IP connectivity.

The NJE/IP code can connect to any NJE implementation and provide SSL-encrypted connections to other remote systems as an intermediate node. Traffic within a system or LPAR is unaware of the encryption and requires no modifications to any IBM code to provide this feature.