Wed, 09/28/2016 - 12:07 By emziemer

Sine Nomine Associates is a proud contributor to the OpenAFS project’s GitHub, the repository of tools, scripts, and code available to the public that makes working with AFS a bit simpler at times. Our team develops and maintains a number of tools that make building and running OpenAFS cells easier, and are proud to contribute this work to the wider OpenAFS community.


For those looking to test OpenAFS code, our team has developed a series of test frameworks available under the Robot Framework test suite:


Our OpenAFS team also actively contributes to the broader AFS Tools set:


For the development community, we’re happy to provide a set of scripts under AFS Vagrant:


And the project is always seeking organizations and individuals willing to build and test binaries of newly released (or pre-release) source code. Those able to contribute a buildbot environment to this effort can get started here: