Tue, 04/25/2023 - 14:05 By kstringfield

Sine Nomine Associates, Inc., a leader in open-source development and support, is pleased to announce that our company’s owner and CEO, Margarete Ziemer, PhD, published another article for the Enterprise Executive. The article entitled "Dear CIO: Will You Make Or Break Your Company?" can be found in issue 2023-2. Margarete makes a compelling argument that a CIO's ability to cope with disruption as the new normal, and to wrangle frustrating paradoxes, carries priceless potential -- in fact, it is likely the very differentiator that will put your organization ahead of the pack. To read the entire Enterprise Executive article please use the following link: https://mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?m=23209&i=789301&p=10&ver=html5.  

Margarete has been leading the journey starting with our company’s founding in 2000, to mastering the current challenges posed by our distributed work-at-home matrix ecosystem. She has been an ardent supporter of her teams and empowering our employees on many levels to operate at peak performance and to achieve the company’s ambitious goals. She firmly believes in investing into both the employees and their workspaces in a plethora of aspects. In that vein, she was an early contributor to the Women in Technology mentoring programs. Margarete has written on various topics and presented at international conferences. She created professional non-profit organizations relevant to IT legacy technology and their maturation toward the future, plus she serves on the Board of the OpenAFS Foundation.

Margarete Ziemer emphasizes: "We are proud to say we continue to support the open-source community with a sharp focus on the mainframe and OpenAFS areas. Our most powerful offering is our customer support. We sincerely thank all our past and current customers and our associates. We are always ready to tackle your problems with custom solutions, particularly in the open-source space."

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