Mon, 03/16/2020 - 12:28 By emziemer

Sine Nomine Associates, Inc., a leader in open source development and support, proudly announces their Creative Support Services and NOC Design team’s completion of an Advanced Integrated Operations Center design for a key mining operation facility.

For 20 years, the company has been working diligently as an IBM partner on similar global projects. We have been displaying design skills that enrich IBM’s internal projects and external projects, and improve those of numerous Fortune 1000 companies and several government agencies.

Building upon a broad range of the latest scientific research on optimizing human capabilities at control sites, Lead Design Principal Engineer Clayton Hollister and Unity Design Principal Engineer Scott Courtney coordinated team efforts to compose a custom-made, innovative site design. Their recommendations included enhancements for staff productivity and comfort, such as a centrally located manager’s pod for ease of collaboration and ergonomic adjustable workstations with Zero-G capabilities. In this new, state-of-the-art control facility, equipment operators will be able to remotely control heavy machinery at the distant mining location.

Using Autodesk 3D Studio Max software, the team brought the customer’s ideas to life in 3D views, animations and CAD drawings. Specifically, Creative Support Services’ engineers employed the latest version of Unity3D software to construct an interactive 3D model of the proposed site. The model features a controllable character that can explore the simulated space allowing management to envision the facility’s new layout, to view potential site attributes, and to choose equipment. Furthermore, the team delivered a detailed recommendations report with an architectural site assessment, a feasibility study, natural and man-made disaster risk assessments, and conceptual schematic designs with static 3D site renderings and CAD drawings.  

While enthusiastic about this latest project, CEO Margarete Ziemer emphasizes: “We sincerely thank all our past and current customers and our associates. We are happy to wrangle your current and future project challenges with custom solutions, particularly in the 3D design and simulation space.”