Thu, 02/17/2022 - 17:02 By kstringfield

Sine Nomine Associates, Inc., proudly announces that our CEO, Dr. E. Margarete Ziemer, has been selected as a finalist for the Washington D.C. region 23rd annual Women in Technology Leadership Award in the entrepreneur category. From her humble beginnings in East Germany, and after the Wall was brought down, she moved to the USA in 1992 to chase the American dream. There, she earned a MA in Austin and her Ph.D. at Princeton. Motivated by love and friendship, she co-founded our company in 1999 and has been leading it ever since so that this small business has become a renowned leader in Open Source development and support. During her tenure of two decades, she has met every challenge head-on and shared generously her experience with other young women, mentoring them towards a bright future.