Global Computer Solutions Vendor: Total Cost of Ownership Sales Tool

Business Need: Develop a Total Cost of Ownership sales tool that would enable the client's global sales force to make the case for server consolidation onto large systems.

Solution: The client was launching a large-scale sales initiative based on server consolidation and required development of a sales tool that would enable its sales force to compare and contrast the total cost of ownership of varying server consolidation architectures. Based on Sine Nomine Associates research and development, engineers gathered specific price and cost points for the variables involved in a TCO calculation, including but not limited to equipment prices, software licensing and maintenance costs, power requirements and costs, high-volume air conditioning requirements and costs, systems management costs (including labor). These variables were then documented in a spreadsheet tool based on their relative relationships and weightings. These relationships and weightings were gathered from a broad survey of actual use and costs across a wide range of industries. The final TCO model is currently in wide use across the client's sales force as the primary tool for TCO comparisons for server consolidation business cases.