About us

Sine Nomine Associates provides IT systems engineering and consulting services, enterprise-grade commercial support for open-source systems software, and products and services for the Linux on mainframe platform. Our distributed team provides engineering services to large financial, engineering, manufacturing, and government organizations.


We are seeking a Systems Software Engineer to join our dedicated team.



  • Provide professional expert level-3 support for open-sourced, enterprise software
  • Work collaboratively with customers and developer communities
  • Perform ongoing maintenance
  • Develop functional and performance improvements
  • Perform root-cause analysis of service interruptions
  • Work remotely with a globally distributed team


  • Computer Science or Engineering degree, or equivalent work experience
  • Proficient in C
  • Exceptional debugging and troubleshooting skills
  • Experience supporting large production systems
  • Solid written and verbal communication skills


  • Kernel or kernel module development experience
  • Understanding of filesystem internals and the VFS
  • Experience with network filesystems
  • Experience with low-level socket programming for UDP and TCP
  • Experience with user-space and kernel debuggers; gdb, mdb, dbx, crash
  • Skilled at performance tuning using dtrace and systemtap
  • Comfortable with git and git rebasing
  • Solid UNIX command line skills
  • Experience with Perl 5, Python 2.7/3.x

Company Benefits

  • Full health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Flexible vacation and paid holidays
  • Remote work