Harnessing a historical view of technology development and charting future business needs, Sine Nomine Associates’ research directs our continuous development and refinement of rigorous testing regimens and comparative studies that are shared in publications, presentations and industry communication, and that influence standards committees, cooperative research groups and corporate strategies.

IT research and development are at the core of our success. From participation in major industry organizations to strictly vendor-neutral development and testing, we shape and define emerging technology. We lead and act, rather than follow and react.

As development and testing of new technology and solutions is critical to Sine Nomine Associates, we are able to provide the IT industry with “proof-points” on the viability and efficacy of new technologies and designs. A wide array of Proof-of-Concept projects for customers worldwide has earned Sine Nomine Associates a reputation as neutral visionaries and reliable pioneers.

Sine Nomine Associates examines the business impact of competing solutions and provides Total-Cost-of-Ownership analyses. In keeping with our philosophy of “the right tool for the right job,” we determine both the strengths and weaknesses of competing solutions, and then recommend that which best meets and surpasses each client’s goals.

Examples of our participation in a variety of industry and standardization organizations:

  • IEEE
  • IEEE Standards Association
  • IEEE Communications Society
  • IEEE Computer Society
  • IETF
  • IETF Multicast Engineering Group
  • IETF TN3270E Working Group
  • ACM
  • ATM Forum
  • z/VM Technical Steering Committee
  • IBM’s Advanced Business Council
  • LINUX-390
  • SOL-390
  • Mono-dev
  • LLVM
  • The Frame Relay Forum
  • The Global Grid Forum
  • AFS3 Standardization

We regularly publish articles and technical papers in trade and scholarly journals, and we are the recognized experts on mailing lists and forums such as Search390.com, OpenAFS.org

Last but not least, our experts are active contributors to Open Source software development projects, for which we deliver enterprise-level 24/7/365, no-excuses, support.

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