Sine Nomine Associates: Your z/VM Partner

Sine Nomine Associates provides evaluation, design, configuration, and installation solutions that are cost effective and take competitive advantage of z/VM’s world-class strengths.

We can provide expert systems consulting and application programming services, either at a customer’s location or remotely, via the Internet. Our team has solved migration problems for enterprises trying to keep VM functionality while moving to contemporary architectures that often discount it. We also troubleshoot and support existing applications, long after other vendors have discontinued servicing them.

What is z/VM?

z/VM is a high-performance, interactive, multiple-access operating system for IBM System z servers. It provides a unique mix of services in support of interactive users, client/server environments, and the capability to run full-function operating systems such as z/OS, CMS, VSE, LINUX, and z/VM itself as “guest” systems. z/VM implements, in a very stable and robust manner, IBM’s leading edge system virtualization technologies, developed over the past 35+ years to provide a state of the art application development and guest support computing environment.

Benefits of z/VM Services

  • Preservation of existing investments, by migration and support for mature z/VM applications
  • Consolidation of physical Unix and Windows servers onto virtual ones
  • Reduction of personnel costs associated with maintaining and configuring those servers
  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with providing these services
  • Increase of the availability and stability of services on System z equipment running z/VM
  • Ease of managing a growth path for these services as well as new services as they become needed

The Offering

  • Installation and configuration of z/VM on IBM processors, including z/VM’s RSCS, TCP/IP, Performance Toolkit, and DFSMS/VM.


  • Installation and configuration of popular z/VM program products from IBM (e.g., DB/2-VM, DIRMAINT, MQSeries clients, RACF) and third party z/VM software vendors, including Software Product Research, Computer Associates, and StorageTek.


  • Customized access to z/VM data and services from a company’s intranet or the Internet, including Web-enabling z/VM applications and providing Web access to DB/2-VM databases and QMF forms and procedures.


  • Unix, Linux and/or Windows server consolidation onto a single z/VM system for greater reliability, availability, scalability, and security.


  • Installation, configuration and management of Linux for System z under z/VM. Multiple Linux for System z images can take advantage of the very high network bandwidth z/VM provides for guest operating systems to easily construct high performance “virtual” Linux farms, with very high availability, reliability, serviceability, and security.


  • z/VM system programming and application development training including “hands on” experience with advanced CMS tools such as the Reusable Server Kernel (RSK), XEDIT, CMS PIPELINES, REXX, PL/I and HLASM.


  • Ongoing support of mature VM applications and tools that no longer have direct vendor support available, as well as migration of these applications to more modern equivalents.


  • Network design and integration of z/VM based guest LANs and facilities into internal corporate, external and Internet-based networks.


  • Expert installation of z/VM
  • Integration of z/VM into long-term architecture plans
  • Planning the future of z/VM within the enterprise
  • Customized configuration of z/VM systems
  • Training for technical staff
  • Support and maintenance of z/VM applications
  • Specialized programming and development
  • Access to acknowledged z/VM experts for complicated questions

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