The Linux operating system, and related GNU utilities

Session 5538: How Many Linux Systems can dance on a Single S/390?


The VM operating system allows many hundreds, or even thousands, of Linux images to run simultaneously in their own virtual machines on a single IBM S/390 or zSeries mainframe. In this presentation, David Boyes examines what happens when the number of running Linux images is pushed to its extreme limits. A history of the widely-known "Test Plan Charlie" and lesser-known "Test Plan Omega" demonstrations is included in the presentation. PDF

Session 5506: Linux Geek Appeal for Non-Geeks


"What is it about that penguin?"

Linux and other Open Source software offers both technical and business benefits. To an IT executive, the technical merits of Linux may seem to be little more than geeks wanting to show off their "coolness." This presentation by Scott Courtney attempts to bridge the gap, explaining what it is about Linux that has the geeks raving, and how the "coolness" of Linux can actually translate to business advantage. PDF


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