The Linux operating system, and related GNU utilities

High Availability Option (HAO) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM System z


What is HAO for RHEL on System z?

Our average customer spends $22,000 on this.


Developed and supported by Sine Nomine Associates and incorporating Red Hat technologies, the High-Availability Option (HAO) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Systems z provides software and support tooling to implement clustered, highly available system services and data storage services on System z hardware.


What is check_iscsi?

check_iscsi is a plug-in service monitoring script for Nagios, a open source network and server monitoring tool. check_iscsi interrogates the status of iSCSI-based storage subsystems, and optionally the health of a filesystem layered on top of a iSCSI LUN.


Target Audience for check_iscsi

System administrators using iSCSI LUNs in production environments where Nagios performs system monitoring.



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