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History of Sine Nomine Associates

In the Beginning... "Transforming Emerging Technology into Practical Business Solutions"

Sine Nomine Associates was founded by Adam Thornton, David Boyes, and Margarete Ziemer in 1999, and incorporated in the State of Delaware in 2000. Several of the engineers had previously worked or researched together in various combinations, their cooperation pre-dating the birth of Sine Nomine Associates by years, or even decades. The company was conceived as a research and development engineering firm committed to transforming emerging technology into practical business solutions. Since Sine Nomine Associates' inception, this goal has been the consistent lead theme for our expert team’s work, as well as the company’s vision and everyday practice.

Customer Portal

Sine Nomine Associates provides several online systems for the benefit of our support and consulting clients. These include an ticket tracking system, which is used for managing support requests and project tasks.

SNA also has a file download server with restricted access for our customers. For security reasons, there is no "home page" directory of this server; rather, each customer is given a custom URL path and login credentials when access to the download server is required.

Contact Us

Our company headquarters is located in the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the eastern section of the United States, and our offices are open Monday through Friday each week except on holidays.

Please use the contact form to reach us regarding our products and services. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

Products & Services

Sine Nomine Associates provides engineering and business planning services for existing and evolving systems. Our services include installed mission-critical infrastructure and applications, business transformation applications, comprehensive architecture designs, ongoing support, and long-term operations training. Together, these services create durable, scalable and secure solutions.

2006 European zSeries Expo Presentations (March 20 to 24, 2006)

The files below are the Sine Nomine presentations from the 2006 IBM System z9 and zSeries Technical Conference held in Dusseldorf, Germany on March 20 through 24, 2006.

If you attended the conference, please note that L06 and L56 are updated from the versions on your conference CD-ROM, and the other presentations have some minor cosmetic updates to correct some typos found during the presentation.

Feedback is welcome, and we thank you for your attendance and the lively discussion during the sessions in Dusseldorf.


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