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OS Support

Operating Systems (OS) Support


Regardless of vendor, any operating system or environment needs more than just code delivery.  Support (in a rich delivery sense) is about both the capabilities of the system and the way the system is used in context. What is it? What additional tools are provided? How can those tools be effectively combined into more useful combinations?

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To complement our products and tools and enhance the functionality of a wide range of equipment and technology, Sine Nomine also provides a range of services to help you use technology more effectively in your organization. The listings in this section of the web site provide information on the service offerings we provide and the skills and resources available to customize the offerings to meet any need you might have.

Sine Nomine's service offerings provide skills and information that allow customers to:

DCIM Services

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions add tracking and configuration management capabilities to data center management for physical assets and logical resources found in the data center, unifying the facilities and IT domains into a single, coherent managed information source.


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