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Data Science Services

Sine Nomine Associaates is a small, friendly firm with an open culture. Our team has helped hundreds of companies with projects converting their raw data into valuable information. Our certified data scientist and engineers work to help you achieve a data-driven view and see your business differently. We focus on realistic business outcomes.

LinuxONE™ Services

LinuxONE™ Services

  • ClefOS – A CentOS clone for z Systems
  • High Availability Option – A clustering solution for Red Hat Enterprise Linux or ClefOS
  • Docker & OpenShift – Container technologies for DevOps and microservices
  • OSS – A large catalog of Open Source Software packages that are available for support

ClefOS Pricing

Linux on System z

Our Team Invented the Virtual Server Farm
Sine Nomine Associates introduced the concept of the virtual server farm using Linux on the S/390 IBM mainframe. Since then, our team has “not looked back,” developing applications for cloning Linux images, refining procedures for large-scale implementations, and sharing our knowledge at trade shows, at conferences, and in professional magazines.

Linux Distributions


Sine Nomine Associates introduced the concept of the virtual server farm using Linux on the S/390 IBM mainframe and our current ClefOS offering allows Linux to run on system z mainframes.
Delivery and Installation
We have provided links below with information and distributions contained in a downloadable image file with the file extension of .iso as used in CD or DVD creation.

Our customers prefer our cost effective price per drawer method over others.



This package contains a CMS utility to format and/or partition disks
for Linux use. The package can be downloaded here.

For ECKD disks the label and VTOC tracks are in OS format and are the
same as created by the DASDFMT Linux command.  The partitioning
information in the VTOC is the same as the information created by the
FDASD Linux command.

For FBA disks the label and VTOC blocks are in DOS/VSE format.


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