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Remote VPN Consultation and Implementation Support

COVID-19 has changed the way companies work, and it is a challenge to shift suddenly to employees working from home.
At a time when hacked networks are an ever-increasing concern, Sine Nomine Associates offers Virtual Private Network (VPN) consultation and implementation, both server and client-side, to serve businesses striving to achieve increased security for a remote workforce.

Remote-Work Business Evaluations

With the urgent need to move from an onsite to a remote workforce, businesses need to swiftly adapt procedures for a digital environment. This fundamental shift may reveal vulnerabilities in your existing business processes. To avoid redundancy, inefficiency or potential security issues that could impede your operation, it’s essential to understand how your optimum business operation compares after the conversion to a remote, distributed workflow.

Trivial Authentication Bypass In Libssh Leaves Servers Wide Open

On October 17, 2018 Slashdot posted news that an authentication bypass in Libssh leaves servers open for hacking. 'Ars Technica reported: "a four-year-old bug in the Secure Shell implementation known as libssh that makes it trivial for just about anyone to gain unfettered administrative control of a vulnerable server."'

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