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Trivial Authentication Bypass In Libssh Leaves Servers Wide Open

On October 17, 2018 Slashdot posted news that an authentication bypass in Libssh leaves servers open for hacking. 'Ars Technica reported: "a four-year-old bug in the Secure Shell implementation known as libssh that makes it trivial for just about anyone to gain unfettered administrative control of a vulnerable server."'

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Since our inception our CEO and President have been involved in animal rescue shelter activities. Following their lead our team members are involved in supporting a lot of great causes.

Financial and Insurance Companies

More than ever before, corporations in the financial and insurance sectors must depend on solid and efficient IT solutions to compete globally. Sine Nomine Associates understands that cutting-edge ideas, coupled with enterprise level 24x7x365 support is essential in today's ever-changing economy. SNA offers offers support for distributed file systems, datacenter design and solutions, and hands-on labs and presentations for insurance and financial institutions.