Systems Management

Research and Development

Harnessing a historical view of technology development and charting future business needs, Sine Nomine Associates’ research directs our continuous development and refinement of rigorous testing regimens and comparative studies that are shared in publications, presentations and industry communication, and that influence standards committees, cooperative research groups and corporate strategies.

IT Engineering Services

Sine Nomine Associates delivers a comprehensive range of Fortune-500-appropriate IT systems design, integration, internetworking and architecture services for server farms, enterprise infrastructure software, wide-area networks, virtualization, cloud computing, and distributed, highly-scalable file systems. Our experienced engineers specialize in high-availability systems and services, corporate computing design and implementation, and systems management services.

System z: WebSphere Application Server

This report is part of a series that examines common designs in the discrete server environment and presents the equivalent design using virtual machines for System z9 and Linux for System z. The paper presents the original design for a WebSphere environment, the System z9 alternative design and a discussion of the pros and cons of the alternate design from a technical and business viewpoint.

This paper is targeted to decision makers and technical staff responsible for evaluating platform hosting decisions. Some technical familiarity with infrastructure design principles is assumed.


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