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Sine Nomine Associates pre-release OpenAFS package for macOS Big Sur

Sine Nomine Associates is pleased to announce the availability of the pre-release OpenAFS package for the recent Apple macOS Big Sur operating system. This pre-release provides an easy-to-install package for organizations and individuals seeking to access the AFS distributed filesystem on the macOS platform.

29-June-2020 - OpenAFS 1.8.6 - Maintenance release for UNIX/Linux


OpenAFS 1.8.6 is the next in the current stable series of OpenAFS releases for UNIX/Linux systems. It brings performance improvements, improved diagnostics, support for the latest Linux mainline kernel (currently 5.7) and macOS 10.15 "Catalina", and a number of bug fixes.

Note that aklog and klog.krb5 will now require the -insecure_des switch in order to work with the weak and deprecated single-DES encryption types.

[CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19] OpenAFS Workshop 2020


Save the date for the 2020 AFS Workshop! June 15-17, 2020 in Columbus, OH at Ohio State University. Sine Nomine Associates is proud to be a sponsor.

The 2020 AFS Technologies Workshop is a community based effort to promote the stability and growth of the AFS distributed file system and related technologies. The workshop takes place Monday, June 15 - Wednesday, June 17 in Columbus, OH at Ohio State University.

Sine Nomine Associates, Inc. Announces OpenAFS Management Tool, "CellCC"

Sine Nomine Associates, Inc. proudly announces the release of CellCC ("cell carbon-copy"), a set of tools and daemons to help IT System Administrators synchronize volumes between AFS cells. AFS is a distributed network filesystem; more information on AFS can be found on