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Linux and related applications running on IBM S/390 and zSeries mainframe hardware

ESALPS For Managing z/Linux and z/VM Performance

Barton Robinson from Velocity Software offered a presentation at the December 2008 meeting of the Hillgang, a Washington DC area z/VM user group, on the topic of Velocity's ESA Linux Performance Suite (ESALPS). The presentation is available for download from Velocity Software's web site, at the link below.

The white paper "provides a brief description of the requirements and the hurdles of managing performance for Linux under z/VM."


What is SWAPGEN?

SWAPGEN is tool to create and/or initialize a disk to be used for Linux swap space from an CMS environment.

Target Audience for SWAPGEN

SWAPGEN is useful for anyone running Linux guests in a z/VM environment.


SWAPGEN Features

The latest version of SWAPGEN provides:


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