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YaST-friendly Oracle Instance Startup Scripts

Appended below are 4 files which are a insserv-safe version of the Oracle instance startup script, modified to take advantage of the "standard" Yast features and /etc/sysconfig support. I also split up the database startup and the SQL*net startup by putting each into a separate script and adding a dependency on the database startup for sqlnet to initialize. All the configuration variables are pulled out into /etc/sysconfig files, and you can edit them individually with the YaST sysconfig editor.

fsiucv -- A Generic IUCV Device Driver for Linux 2.6 on S/390 and zSeries

fsiucv provides the ability to connect to arbitrary VM CP and CMS IUCV-based services from Linux applications. Each IUCV connection is presented to the Linux system as a device, with semantics similar to that of a serial connection. Data can be read from or written to the IUCV connection using simple shell tools, or can be handled using the standard Unix/POSIX file manipulation tools and APIs. Configuration of the driver is handled using the sysfs interface, and both local and distributed IUCV are supported.

SysVInit for VM

The software on this page is a utility that brings UNIX-like "init" startup processing to the VM operating system.

Note: If you find problems with this software, please report them to Sine Nomine Associates as described in the installation document. We will attempt to fix reported problems as quickly as they are identified.

Why are We Doing This?

We are providing this software free of charge to assist our customers in using VM as a hosting platform or as an application development platform.


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