Slides from a presentation given at a conference, trade show, or (where permitted by nondisclosure terms) a customer site.

VM Advanced Networking Services


VM Advanced Networking Services is a reference architecture developed by Sine Nomine Associates. It is designed to update the IP-based network applications and services offered by VM systems, using virtual Linux hosts, without disrupting existing CMS applications that rely on the old-style VMTCPIP stack. (PowerPoint, 135 KB)

Session 5538: How Many Linux Systems can dance on a Single S/390?


The VM operating system allows many hundreds, or even thousands, of Linux images to run simultaneously in their own virtual machines on a single IBM S/390 or zSeries mainframe. In this presentation, David Boyes examines what happens when the number of running Linux images is pushed to its extreme limits. A history of the widely-known "Test Plan Charlie" and lesser-known "Test Plan Omega" demonstrations is included in the presentation. PDF


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