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Software and Hardware Companies and Vendors

By the very nature of what they do, software and hardware manufacturers and vendors must be on the cutting edge of technology, while offering secure and cost efficient solutions for their customers' needs. Sine Nomine Associates provides z/VM and Linux tools, applications and support, independent product evaluations, and hands-on workshops and labs for existing and evolving systems.

About Sine Nomine Associates

Sine Nomine Associates is an IT research and custom development engineering firm that transforms emerging technology into practical business solutions. We provide engineering and business planning services for existing and evolving systems. Our services include installed mission-critical infrastructure and applications, business transformation applications, comprehensive architecture designs, ongoing support, and long-term operations training. Together, these services create durable, scalable and secure solutions.

Past Client Portfolio

Sine Nomine Associates has provided design, configuration, implementation, support, strategic planning and comprehensive consulting services to some of the largest and best-known companies in the world. Major institutions in the financial services, manufacturing, technology and government markets rely on our services for their day-to-day operations. Customers trust our company's discretion.

IT Engineering Services

Sine Nomine Associates delivers a comprehensive range of Fortune-500-appropriate IT systems design, integration, internetworking and architecture services for server farms, enterprise infrastructure software, wide-area networks, virtualization, cloud computing, and distributed, highly-scalable file systems. Our experienced engineers specialize in high-availability systems and services, corporate computing design and implementation, and systems management services.


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