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We care

Since our inception our CEO and President have been involved in animal rescue shelter activities. Following their lead our team members are involved in supporting a lot of great causes.

Financial and Insurance Companies

More than ever before, corporations in the financial and insurance sectors must depend on solid and efficient IT solutions to compete globally. Sine Nomine Associates understands that cutting-edge ideas, coupled with enterprise level 24x7x365 support is essential in today's ever-changing economy. SNA offers offers support for distributed file systems, datacenter design and solutions, and hands-on labs and presentations for insurance and financial institutions.


Government agencies, whether federal, state or local, are charged with the task of providing vital services within strict guidelines and budgets. Sine Nomine Associates has a long history of helping government agencies work within these budgets through creative use of Open Source technologies, datacenter and facilities designs, and hands-on workshops and labs to educate their employees.

Manufacturing & Entertainment Companies & Publishers

Modern corporations, especially in the fields of manufacturing, entertainment and publication, must work more efficiently to compete in a global marketplace. Sine Nomine Associates uses cutting-edge solutions, such as OpenAFS and z/VM Linux on the mainframe, to help companies cut software costs, design greener and smarter datacenters, plan for disaster recovery, and educate their employees.

Research and Development

Harnessing a historical view of technology development and charting future business needs, Sine Nomine Associates’ research directs our continuous development and refinement of rigorous testing regimens and comparative studies that are shared in publications, presentations and industry communication, and that influence standards committees, cooperative research groups and corporate strategies.


Today's universities and non-profit organizations demand creative ideas to best serve their students and clients, while keeping within tight budgets. Sine Nomine Associates provides a number of cutting edge, cost saving solutions including installation and support of open source tools and software and advanced datacenter design. We also offer presentations, hands-on labs, and distance-learning courses on a variety of topics.


Thank you for considering Sine Nomine Associates as your systems and network partner. We proudly offer first-class business solutions that will strengthen, grow, and diversify your business or organization.


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