The VM (Virtual Machine) operating system

MAILBOOK Online User Guide: Keeping Track of People


Keeping Track of People

You'll use the NAMES command to build and update your electronic address book. Your address book is a file called userid NAMES (where userid is your userid) which NAMES will create and manage for you. We'll refer to it as your NAMES file. In it, you'll store your correspondents' electronic addresses (userids and domains) and other information of your choice such as full names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and personal characteristics.

MAILBOOK Online User Guide: Communicating with Other People


Communicating With Other People

Using the MailBook system will be very easy. As a VM user you have the capability of communicating with other people who are also VM users. You can send mail, messages, and files and receive mail, messages, and files.

When you send and receive mail, you are using electronic mail.

Before you can communicate with another user you must know his or her userid, which is the name with which a user logs onto the system.




MAILBOOK, based on more than twenty-five years of experience with electronic mail for IBM VM/CMS systems, is the premiere electronic mail package for connecting VM systems to the Internet.


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