Mission-Critical Systems Support

Sine Nomine Associates provides 24x7 support for an extensive range of platforms and applications such as z/VM and OpenAFS. Our experts support the IT infrastructure of many of the largest organizations in the world.


IBM eServer Systems

Sine Nomine Assocaites experts have extensive (15+ years) experience in system design, operations and maintenance with IBM eServer equipment and peripherals, including the latest processors, ESS and integrated peripherals.

  • System/390
  • zSeries
  • pSeries
  • xSseries
  • z990

Mainframe Operating Systems

  • 25 years experience with VM/CMS systems (average engineering experience with VM: 15 years)
  • 30 years OS/390 and z/OS system management and systems programming experience
  • 18 years VMS experience on VAX and Alpha systems
  • 15 years experience with VSE

Legacy and Brand X Plug-Compatible Systems

Sine Nomine Associates engineers have extensive familiarity with design and deployment of Hitachi, Fujitsu, National Semiconductor and Amdahl IBM plugcompatible systems and peripherals

  • 7+ years Hitachi experience
  • 6 years Fujitsu experience
  • 12+ years Amdahl experience
  • Sine Nomine Associates is a Development and Testing Partner with StorageTek for advanced hardware and disk management solutions

Andrew File System

Sine Nomine Associates engineers include current maintainers of the OpenAFS Project.

  • 10+ years development experience on enterprise Unix and Linux systems
  • Significant contributions to the OpenAFS project, and major improvements for OpenAFS on Windows

Enterprise Unix Systems

  • Sun Enterprise Technlogy Certification, with 15 years Solaris and SunOS system management and configuration experience
  • 15 years AIX system management and configuration experience (PowerPC and AIX/390)
  • 15 years Digital Unix and Tru64 system support experience


Sine Nomine Associates supports Nagios, an Open Source monitoring toolkit, as a monitoring solution for customers, in deployments ranging from a few dozen hosts to several thousand, with both active and passive service and network availability monitoring.



Active participation in a wide range of projects utilizing Websphere Application Server, MQ Series, Portal, and other components.

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