OS Support

Operating Systems (OS) Support


Regardless of vendor, any operating system or environment needs more than just code delivery.  Support (in a rich delivery sense) is about both the capabilities of the system and the way the system is used in context. What is it? What additional tools are provided? How can those tools be effectively combined into more useful combinations?

Sine Nomine's operating system support services take the extra step of helping you use the system -- and included applications and frameworks -- in creative ways to deliver your applications and supporting environment at the right cost at the right time. Our operating system support packages include support for commercial operating system offerings from IBM, HP, and Oracle, and open-source operating environments from Red Hat and SuSE. We even offer two complete operating system offerings tailored especially for building customized appliances for delivery on IBM z Systems processors (ClefOS).

Our operating system support offerings can be complimentary to vendor support, or completely replace vendor support for open-source operating systems. You are no longer tied exclusively to a single source for support, and most vendors won't help you use their system to your best advantage -- application package support is usually not part of operating system support.

Our operating systems support offerings include:

  • 24x7 telephone and email support for system and included application packages
  • Updates and maintenance for system and included application packages at no charge during the support term
  • Planning and impact assessement assistance for system and included application package upgrades
  • Defect identification and correction (up to 10 hrs per incident - see below)
  • (optional) Development of corrective service (where possible)
  • (optional) Upstreaming of developed patches into mainline distributions

We support the following commercial closed source systems:

  • IBM z/VM on IBM supported hardware
  • IBM z/VSE on IBM supported hardware
  • IBM z/OS on IBM supported hardware
  • IBM AIX on IBM supported hardware
  • HP OpenVMS on Alpha systems
  • HP OpenVMS on Integrity IA64 systems
  • Oracle Solaris on SPARC and x86_64 (usage advice only -- Oracle does not permit more)

We also support:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux on all platforms (x86_64, POWER, s390x)
  • SuSE Enterprise Linux on all platforms (x86_64, POWER, s390x)
  • ClefOS on s390x (Sine Nomine's RHEL-compatible optimized Linux distribution for s390x appliances)

Each incident includes 10 hours of problem determination and research to identify defects and (if possible) resolve them with the first call. If the resolution exceeds 10 hours of research, or the documentation indicates that the operating system is working as documented, we will prepare a estimate of what time and resources will be needed to complete the work -- or the additional development to extend the function of the operating system to include the desired functionality -- and present it for approval. If you approve the additional work, it will be executed as a enhancement development project according to the terms of the custom development portion of the support agreement.

Whenever possible, we will develop any desired modifications in a way to maximize the probability of acceptance into the mainstream code -- you have final control over whether a patch is sent to the upstream developers, but we try to ensure that anything we do is done in a way that can be contributed if possible to do so.


Target Audience

These offerings are targeted at system administrators and system architects involved in planning and operating computing environments, both commercial and open source. Obviously, we can offer a lot more help with an open source operating system, but often even ideas about how best to combine closed source and open source solutions can be of great import.


Our operating system support offerings include (where possible):

  • System Design Assistance
  • Implementation Assistance
  • Defect Support and Remediation
  • Development