Hillgang Group Presentations July 2010

In a July 15, 2010 presentation for Hillgang, the DC Vm and Linux Users' Group, Len Diegel offered a review of current trends and challenges across the IT industry, the impact of Cloud computing, and a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analyses that compares running Linux on commodity servers (x86) with other solutions including VMware, z/VM, and public virtual solutions.

From the Hillgang abstract:

When Linux on IBM System z Makes Sense (Cents)

The methodology and formulas used to develop the comparisons are included along with the results of recent migrations from Linux on x86 servers to Linux on IBM System z. The session concludes with real customer experiences and recommendations of proven products for capacity planning, identifying and resolving performance issues, and enablement tools for systems administrators and other IT professionals that make the job of administering Linux on z more doable; information that could mean the difference between a successful implementation or frustration and failure.

Len Diegel retired from IBM after more than 30 years that included efforts with S/360 through System z. He spent most of that time supporting VM –> z/VM product development, marketing, and sales efforts. His positions at IBM included managing a global team of highly skilled z/VM professionals focused on supporting IBM’s z/VM customers. That team was also responsible for researching and providing the initial business case for implementing Linux on IBM mainframes. Len has presented IBM’s strategy and direction on several occasions at SHARE, Guide/SHARE Europe, WAVV, and other IBM events. He was “knighted” by the SHARE organization for his efforts with VM in general. Len retired from IBM as Program Director of System z in 2001 to lead a division of Cornerstone Systems Inc.. He joined Velocity Software Inc. in 2009 as the company’s president and manages Velocity’s global business efforts.

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