System z9 Security: Technical White Paper

This white paper is focused on the security benefits of virtualization on the IBM System z9 (BC) processors combined with the z/VM Operating System. This combination is an excellent platform for hosting hundreds of Linux images in virtual machines on a single System z, either as a stand-alone Linux consolidation server, or with Linux images on the same servers with the z/OS mainframe operating systems.

Customers interviewed for this paper include Nexxar Group, Inc. and the University of Toronto. Nexxar, a financial services company in Europe, is an “early stage consolidator,” meaning its business model involves acquiring and integrating smaller firms. Nexxar has consolidated more than eighty x86 servers onto an IBM System z9 BC mainframe and, as a result, expects to save 30% per year in related operating costs. The University of Toronto is committed to being an international research university with 75 PhD programs and 17 professional faculties. Six Nobel Prize winners are among its graduates.

(Note: this paper is not intended to address the z/OS aspects of security, which are well-documented in a wide variety of other IBM publications.)

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