System z9 Security: Business White Paper

This white paper is focused on the security benefits of virtualization on the IBM System z9 Business Class (BC) processors combined with the z/VM Operating System. This combination is an excellent platform for hosting hundreds of Linux images in virtual machines on a single System z, either as a stand-alone Linux consolidation server, or with Linux images on the same servers with the z/OS mainframe operating systems.

The paper is intended for prospective and current customers who are concerned with strengthening data security without impeding efficient access and speedy information flow to users. Mid-sized businesses are expected to benefit most from the IBM System z9 BC which is targeted specifically to the needs of this fast growing mainframe market segment. The paper discusses security benefits in the context of actual customer environments.

(Note: this paper is not intended to address the z/OS aspects of security, which are well-documented in a wide variety of other IBM publications.)

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