IBM VM/370 Product Announcement Presentation

With kind permission of IBM, we have posted the slides from the original marketing presentation of IBM's VM/370 operating system. Please click on the "related link" below to go to the photo album.

VM/370 was announced officially on August 2, 1972. The images in this album are drawn from a copy located in the papers of a deceased faculty member of Marist College in 2002, and included the original storage box, slides and slide holders, and the typed presentation script describing the slides and important discussion topics. The copy has some dust damage and small dings in the cardboard box, but is essentially intact, down to the original staples in the script.

For those who are curious, the slides were scanned on an Epson 1640SU scanner with the slide attachment, using "xsane" under SuSE Linux on an IBM ThinkPad laptop. The photo album software, and scripts to mass-prepare the image files, were written by Scott Courtney and are available under GPL. Digital image processing of these photos, where necessary, was done using an excellent freeware program called The GIMP.

Original presentation materials Copyright (C) 1972 by IBM Corporation. Used by permission. All Rights Reserved. For permission to use these materials elsewhere, contact the IBM Archives in Armonk, NY (USA).