Sine Nomine Associates Engineers Present at European AFS and Kerberos Conference 2012

Sine Nomine Associates engineers Mike Meffie and Andrew Deason were on the program of the October 16-18, 2012 European AFS and Kerberos Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. Video of several of the talks are available from the web links below.

Presentation Abstracts:

"OpenAFS Out-of-Band TCP"
EAKC 2012
Andrew Deason
Abtract: Andrew Deason will be talking about the TCP out-of-band ("TCP OOB") project which Sine Nomine Associates has been developing. This project is an enhancement to AFS client<->fileserver communication that allows the use of TCP as a bulk transport mechanism in order to vastly increase wire throughput. It is currently deployed in production at one site, and we are currently working on making it suitable for wider use and upstream integration into OpenAFS. This talk will cover the project's brief history and background, current status, future direction and goals, as well as technical details.

"OpenAFS Directory Objects"
EAKC 2012
Mike Meffie
Abstract: A discussion on how directories are implemented in OpenAFS. A work in progress project to defragment OpenAFS directory objects and provide directory object statistics will be presented.

"AFS3 Standards Update"
EAKC 2012
Mike Meffie
Abstract: An update on the effort to produce AFS3 standard documents. This is an all volunteer, consensus based effort to promote version compatibility and interoperability.

This session was not recorded.

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