Conference Presentations by SNA Engineers

Sine Nomine Associates has offered presentations given at a number of conferences in the United States, and occasionally, internationally. Slides and outlines from some of these presentations are available here, in PDF format, for the use of our customers. All presentations are Copyright © Sine Nominee Associates.


NJE and SSH Client Suite - Neale Ferguson (VM Workshop 2019)

Container Orchestration - Neale Ferguson (VM Workshop 2019)


Introduction to Docker - Neale Ferguson (Hillgang Group - 09 March, 2017)

Introduction to Docker and Open Shift - Neale Ferguson (VM Workshop 2017)


The IBM Mainframe - A Personal History - Neale Ferguson (Hillgang Group - 15 April, 2015)


VM Manager Mobile - Neale Ferguson (Hillgang Group - 11 December, 2013)


OpenAFS Out-of-Band TCP - Andrew Deason (2012 European AFS and Kerberos Conference)

OpenAFS Directory Objects - Mike Meffie (2012 European AFS and Kerberos Conference)

AFS3 Standards Update - Mike Meffie (2012 European AFS and Kerberos Conference)